Do you have a balding head; this is what you should do

Gone are the days when you could do nothing about your balding head, other than to seat back, endure the embarrassment, and pretend all is well when other colleague make fun of you. Today, things have changed. You can easily go for a transplant and have your hair restored back. That is why; processes like FUE hair transplant came in. Read on to learn more about it;

What is it?

This process entails healthy hair removal, and then grafting it back into that balding area of your head. The Good thing is, physicians will always notice those places, which had hair before, and therefore they can easily re-introduce new healthy hair into those places. Even though it might be an unpleasant experience, many agree that it is tolerable and results have always worked for the patient.

How it is done

FUE transplant process does not involve whole chunks of your valued skin to be removed and then grafted. FUE transplant involves only individual hair removal from the sides as well as the back of your head; that is from places where hair is healthy and then re-introduced into the balding areas.

Fortunately, the transplanted hair has proven to show a characteristic of being immune to the DHT effect. These are hormones, which are responsible for the balding of hair in men. Once the hair is perfectly transplanted, rest assured that it is not going anywhere. Therefore, you will have done away with the annoying baldness, and no one will make fun of you anymore. Of course, this is not done free-of-charge, you will need to give out some good money for this process; however, its results is worth the pay. The whole process takes almost eight hours to complete; but the good thing is, it is done once, and you will always look great, just as you wanted it.

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